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Welcome to 42u.ca; I’m Matt and I’ll be your tour guide.

First off, a little about me. I’m an IT Pro located in Waterloo Region, Canada, who has been dabbling in a little bit of everything for as long as I can remember. After successfully completing my degree in Computer Sciences, I quickly discovered that the life of a programmer wasn’t for me – I needed hardware.

I wanted to be working with and building the magic boxes and networks that make things go. I wanted to see all those lights blink and hear the whirring of fans. I wanted to have something to hit when it didn’t work, and then make it work again just to show it whose boss. That epiphany led me down the road of Systems Administration.

I spent a good chunk of time doing Sys Admin tasks for various organizations in the non-profit and private corporation fields; each of those were vastly different experiences with pros and cons, but the experience was an ever evolving one.

After over a decade of the Sys Admin lifestyle, I made the jump to management; I still do a lot of hands on tasks, but I also get to do the bigger stuff such as planning for the ‘big picture’. Of course with that comes lots and lots of papers and reports. You can’t have it all.

So why am I here? I just need a place to post some ramblings, record thoughts, and hopefully help out others along the way.

Feel free to stick around and see what I have to say, and maybe even chime in once in a while.

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