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Where have I been? Starting a community.

December has been an abysmal month for my blogging; this actually marks the first post of the month, and I thought I owed it to at least myself to write up a post as to what has been going on.

2015-12-12 09.32.27First off, lots of holiday stuff. My wife and I are of different religious backgrounds, both of which have holidays in December. Combine that with a couple of kids, and all of a sudden you have a bazillion family events to attend. Good news is that they are generally a great time, the kids are kept occupied for a bit, and the adults get to catch up. On the plus side, my kids have received lots of Lego which gives me an excuse to play with it again (see image).

Work has been absolutely insane. In theory, I have a desk job as an IT Manager. In practice, I have been out of the office more often than not this month (and most of last month). There are many reasons for this including working on a ‘window migration project’ (that is to say, physically replacing glass windows with new auto-tinting networked windows), an office move, and just general off-site stuff.

All of that running around has also lead to some down time due to sickness, a cold to be exact. That knocked me down pretty good for a couple of days. I’m always way too stubborn to just stay home and rest, rather I fight through it and probably add an extra few days onto the bought.

Lastly, and the reason that I am most excited about, is that I am leading a new local Veeam User Group. I had seen tidbits of info in the past regarding Veeam User Groups, and as a Veeam user I always felt left out as there were none near me. I ended up inquiring as to whether there was a local group for me to attend, and that quickly turned into me becoming a UG founder / leader.

For those of you who haven’t read my “Who Am I?” page, I am located in the Kitchener / Waterloo area of Ontario, Canada. Our first meeting is scheduled for February 10th (see below) at a location I am still trying to lock down. Veeam apparently has quite a few customers in the immediate vicinity, and when you expand the radius to an hour or so drive, that number jumps quite a bit.

A lot of time has gone into getting things established, such as reviewing contracts, coordinating resources from Veeam, and finding a location. Most of this is about %90 done, and I am hoping to basically have everything firmed up by the end of the week. Once I have that in place, we’ll start making the push to publicize this new group.

If you are reading this and happen to be in South West Ontario, please feel free to ping me for details. I’ll be posting more details on here as well as on twitter (@MattThatITGuy) once I have things firmed up.

Update 12/18/2015: Despite being two months out, we already have a scheduling conflict. The first SWO VUG meeting will be held on Wednesday March 2nd, 2016.

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