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What I’m Listening To: Podcast Edition Part 2

HeadphonesIn a previous post, I covered off some of the podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. I tend to consume a lot of audio content, so that list was far from done. I still have a fairly long list of podcasts, but I am going to cut the remainder down to ones that I think are worth recommending to most folks.

So, once again, in no particular order, here are some more podcasts you should check out if you have already.

  • Datanauts (Packet Pushers) – A phenomenal podcast hosted by Chris Wahl and Ethan Banks, Datanauts goal is to break down silos within organizations. The content of the podcasts can get fairly technical, but the hosts do it in such a way that you can follow along. One aspect that I love is how part way through there is a small break/interlude where they recap what has been covered thus far. Super useful.
  • In Tech We Trust – I started listening to this one because way back in the day I used to listen to the Infosmack podcast (there were some really great episodes). There are quite a few hosts, and rarely are they all on at the same time. There are occasional sound quality issues given that the hosts are always traveling all over the place, but the insight and opinions provided when covering recent tech news is always welcomed.
  • The Tim Ferris Show – I really find this one hit or miss. Tim does a lot of ‘experimentation’ on the health side of things, and I have very little interest in those episodes. Other times he might interview folks like Jamie Foxx or Cal Fussman, and you find yourself absolutely hanging on word for word. Worth checking out a few episodes to see if it is a fit for you.
  • The Geek Whisperers – A podcast about career development for techies. Hosted by some vCommunity legends (John Troyer, Matt Brender, and Amy Lewis), the podcasts typically with have a guest and they’ll just discuss how they go to where they are in their career, what have they learned along the way, and the infamous ‘what would you tell someone to never do’. Some great food for thought when it comes to career planning.
  • RunAs Radio – Recently just surpassing 500 shows, RunAs Radio has been one of the biggest ways that I have stayed in touch with the Microsoft world. Richard Campbell invites folks on to tech about (usually) some sort of Microsoft technology. Conversations don’t get super technical but are usually provide enough of an overview that you walk away wanting to learn more. I can’t count how often I have spent a couple of hours reading up on features that I have heard about from this podcast.
  • Stuff You Should Know – Not a technical podcast by any means, but I usually find these quite entertaining. Topics can be just about anything, and with several hundred shows under their belts, a large number of topics have been covered. I think one of most memorable ones I recall was ‘How do Jokes Works’ (or something to that effect) – I was literally laughing by myself in my car. The toughest part about this podcast is trying to remember some of the random facts so I can try and impress people (rarely happens).
  • TechSNAP – Hosted by Chris Fisher and Allan Jude, the podcast usually consists of covering recent news (more so technical than IT-related) in pretty good depth, followed by some listener Q&A. More so than most other ‘news covering’ podcasts, TechSNAP goes into details.

By no means is this list complete, and it probably isn’t for everyone. But rather, the intent was to hopefully introduce folks to some new podcasts that they may not be aware of. And if you don’t currently listen to any, I highly encourage you to. They are a great way to stay current, and can definitely help pass the time when doing some not so fun stuff like raking leaves.

If you have any suggestions, please be sure to leave a comment below. I am always looking out for new content.

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