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Thanks Turbonomic!

vhm-fiber-optic250x250Just a short post on this one. I am very pleased and excited to announce that I have secured my first sponsor for my blog: Turbonomic. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Turbonomic (formerly VMTurbo), they offer a management suite that determines pain points and bottlenecks, but also alleviates and rectifies them before they turn into problems.

Turbonomic does have an offering for a ‘free for forever’ monitoring tool, which you can also check out here.

Taking on a sponsor was not just a quick decision. The last thing I want is to push readers away, but at the end of the day, this site does cost money and requires a fair amount of time to run. With that being said, Turbonomic is one of the few companies that I am aware of that gives back so much to the IT community. I highly encourage you to check out not only their tools, but also be sure to catch the GC On Demand podcast and check out their sponsored sessions at conferences. It seems to be a bit of an exception when they actually talk about their own product in depth.

So with that, thanks for the support Turbonomic!

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