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New Sponsor: Tintri

I’m happy to announce that Tintri has recently signed up as a sponsor for my site.


TintriIn the saturated storage market, Tintri is a vendor that stands out with their unique ability to provide VM-aware storage (VAS). Whether you are using their Hybrid Array or their All-Flash Array, with Tintri’s VAS there is no need to worry about LUNs anymore. You can use their solution to complete common tasks such as dealing with noisy neighbors, or reviewing latency from the array, across the network, and onto the host. Their interface is simple, intuitive, and frankly, one of the most visually pleasing that I have seen from a storage vendor.


Anyone who knows me has probably heard me talk about Tintri before. Why do I always mention them? Because their storage worked wonders for me, and I want to share that message. Prior to running Tintri, I was spending hours a week shuffling around LUNs, trying to gather metrics, and just putting out storage related fires. After we had some folks from Tintri come in for a demo, we couldn’t believe our eyes. All of our pain points would be solved, and further to that, we would obtain a level of visibility into our VMs that we never dreamed of.

I occasionally like to write about Tintri, and thus far those have all been my own words. As with any sponsor, if I am ever asked to write a sponsored post, it will be clearly stated so.

With all of that being said, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Tintri.

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