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Matt That IT Guy is a personal blog about all things IT-related written and maintained by Matt Crape. Most of the content revolves around VMware, or virtualization as a whole, but you’ll find a wide range of other topics as well. In 2016, this site won the “Best New Blog” title as voted for by the vCommunity. During the 2017 voting, this site climbed 157 positions to take the 66th spot overall.

About Me

Over the course of 15+ years that I have been in the IT industry, I have worked roles as technical support, system administration, and up to IT Manager. Recently I made the jump from the customer side to the vendor side, and I am currently employed as a Technical Account Manager with VMware. When I’m not at work, chances are you can find me blogging, tweeting, or getting involved in the IT community.

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Aside from this website, you can find some other content that I have either created or been apart of below:

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