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VMWorld 2015 – Day 1

2015-08-30 07.24.38After completing my first day of my first VMworld, I thought it would be a good time to recap what my day looked

  • Since I am on Eastern time, I was up early which meant that I had no problem getting on the 06:30 bus to Mosconne. That being said, there was a lineup (but quick) for registration despite getting there a few minutes before registration opened. The whole process didn’t take long though and within about 15 minutes I had my badge, bag, and was good to go.
  • Tintri was also having their annual user conference (dubbed Tintricity) which I attended; while there I had great conversations with other Tintri users. Overall everyone seems to be quite happy with their Tintris as a) they just run as they should and b) they really are as simple as they claim to be.
  • By the time I got back from Tintricity, vBrownBag was holding their panels which were kindly hosted by vUnderground. I opted to attend the careers panel which was very candid and had expert advice on all sorts of topics ranging from knowing what you are worth and knowing when to stay or go. This panel could have easily have gone on for twice as long.
  • VMUndergroud had their kick off party which was great. Without even trying I was able to connect with so many folks ranging from vExperts, to VMware employees, and even some speakers. It is amazing how great these community events are.
  • A word of advice: know your limits; if you still out too late you will feel it the next day.

Off to day two.

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