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What I’m Listening To: Podcast Edition Part 1

Since I was first alerted to the fact that you didn’t need an iPod to listen to a podcast (that probably dates me), I have been consuming podcasts whenever I get a chance. I am usually able to squeeze in a couple of hours of listening a day. This comes from listening to them at 2x (this may require some ‘practice’), but also finding the opportunities, such as when driving, walking the dog, cleaning the house, barbecuing, etc..

So, what do I listen to, and why? Well, most of them are tech oriented, but I do find some non-tech ones in there. I tend to introduce new podcasts when I find that I am all caught up and I need to fill the gap. Some of these stick around, while others don’t make the cut.

So, in no particular order, here is a quick rundown of what I listen to and why. Ok … I just checked – I am subscribed to 34 podcasts … here is post one of two of a hand-curated list of my top picks:

  • Cut the NOISE! – a fairly new podcast hosted by two VCDXs (Rene Van Den Bedem and Byron Schaller). Their guests are well-known tech folks, but the conversations aren’t always technical. Topics can vary, but the podcasts are usually well rounded and make for an enjoyable listen.
  • Open TechCast – another new podcast, with only a couple of episodes under its belt. With five hosts, you’ll walk away with plenty of opinions and thoughts regardless of what topics they cover. I think they are still ‘finding their legs’, but it has come out strong and looks to be staying that way.
  • 10 on Tech – Usually, these podcasts ring in at about 10 minutes, but I know that they went long at least once (an episode on vCSA with Emad Younis). The content doesn’t get super technical, but it isn’t supposed to. Rather I find the episodes are very easy to digest given the shorter length and I can walk away with great value in a short period of time. Usually, I have mental notes that I need to follow up on.
  • Virtually Speaking Podcast – Hosted by Pete Flecha and (fellow Veeam Vanguard) John Nicholson. I loved this one from the get-go: the audio quality is excellent, the guests are top-rate, and the content can go from super-technical to what almost seems like the border-line improv comedy. This is one of those ones that I am always disappointed when it ends.
  • GC On-Demand – Run by Eric Wright (arguably better known as DiscoPosse), this is a true community podcast. Despite being sponsored by Turbonomic, rarely is that product/brand ever mentioned. Rather, Eric has what can only be described as excellent interviews with a broad spectrum of IT folks with subjects varying all over the place. I usually find myself ending these with a new action item on my To Do list which involves researching something heard during an episode.
  • Speaking In Tech – Hmmm – what’s the best description for this one? Say you were at VMWorld and you stumbled across some pundits talking tech at a bar at 11 PM. This is probably about on par with that – the hosts (primarily Greg Knieriemen and Ed Saiptech) are super-knowledgeable, but they aren’t aiming to please anyone. They will definitely give credit where it is due, but they don’t sugar coat. Definitely NSFW.
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – Words cannot describe these podcasts. They are typically 2+ hours long and are about various points in mankind’s history. Initially, I didn’t know if I could get into it, but to say that Dan Carlin is a master story teller does not do him justice. If you find yourself heading out for a road trip or some other type of travel, do yourself a favour and download a few of these – you will be entertained.
  • Career Tools / Manager Tools – These are actually two different podcasts on the same network. Non-tech related, they cover off a lot of professional development. Things like interviewing (on both ends), firing, knowing how to handle situations, etc. As a techie, I know that I can digest technical info without much issue, but business knowledge doesn’t always come as easy. This podcast helps in that regard.

OK, that’s it for this post. Expect a part 2 coming up. If you have any podcasts that you think I should give a try, be sure to drop me a line and I’ll give it a listen.

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