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Tech Field Day 12 Primer: Dell EMC

Dell EMCThis will be last of the primers for the upcoming Tech Field Day 12 event. Some of you may notice that I have not covered off Intel – unfortunately they have had to cancel their appearance due to a scheduling conflict on their end. Too bad as their sessions in the past have been quite informative.

So, let’s talk about Dell EMC. Unless you have been living under a rock, you likely heard about the Dell and EMC merger that was finalized earlier this year. From the time it was announced (October 12, 2015) to the time the merger closed (September 7, 2016) there was a lot of speculation as to how things would look after the completion of the $67 billion deal. Things are still very much in a ‘settling’ phase, but the new behemoth is still moving forward.

Now for the tricky part – what will Dell EMC choose to present? Frankly, I have no idea. The new company has a massive portfolio of products, ranging from storage, to servers, to all sorts of datacenter-specific technologies (think modular infrastructure, high-performance computing, etc.). Who knows, they might even through a curve ball and show us something brand new and earth shattering. Maybe they have been working on augmented reality …. Pretty much anything may show up.

Earlier this year, Dell was the number 2 server manufacturer based on market share, according to IDC. Similarly, for enterprise storage, EMC was tied for number 1 with HPE, and Dell was next up (technically number 3 due to the tie for first place). Combined, Dell and EMC accounted for %29.6 of the enterprise storage market. Those are impressive numbers. My point is that Dell EMC is huge in all regards – they have a massive server presence (all sorts of sizes), they are a real player in enterprise storage, and their consulting arm is massive.

So, I’m going to keep this post relatively short because frankly, I could speculate until I’m (Dell) blue in the face. I kind of feel like I’m cheating on this post, but I think I have made the point: Dell was massive before, they are bigger now with EMC, and they have a portfolio in size to suit that. Only one way to see what they’ll bring to the table: join us bright and early on Wednesday, November 16th at 8 AM.

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